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Hours of Operation



22 Wilson Street, Peel St doors (with the steps)

Monday, Wednesday & Friday 



118 Church St.

Tuesday & Thursday 


If you need help with stretching your monthly income, we are here to help. By offering food cards, clothing or even household products we want to make sure you don't have to worry about getting the necessities to get by.

How it works.

If you are coming in for the first time you will need to bring in the following: 

1) Rent receipt 

2) Proof of income

3) Valid ID

4) All children's birth certificates. 

Along with the Food for Friends cards, taxable items that cannot be purchased with the Food for Friends card, such as toiletries, personal hygiene products, cleaning products and used clothing, shoes and bedding items are also available to take.

Food for Friends has a cupboard for taxable items to help individuals stretch their monthly income. Taxable items are items that our clients are not able to purchase

with their food cards

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